Easy Fleet Handling and Management software

A well-managed system helps business grow faster. So is the scenario with fleet management companies where they are mostly tangled with loads of book keeping and marinating records of their vehicles and goods to be transferred, thereby also keeping record of drivers and payment schedules and more. The task seems never ending and with increase work flow the task to manage all records become tardy. Thanks to a software that enables the fleet managers to run applications remotely and operate their fleet on busy and long routes without worries. A real time tracking software with updates on locations and assets in transition of delivery on roads; Truck Destino is user friendly designed application and can host many application levels on its architecture and can be upgraded and customized as per need and time.

Truck Destino is a Web based fleet management system that provides visibility and complete insights into driver’s working and condition on roads but also on time tracking and updates on fleet behavior. It captures all the data necessary as part of real time information and reports generated thereby, this progressive system includes features like; routing, dispatching data, ETA information, real-time asset tracking and locations, driver vehicle inspection reports, driver hours of service, customized reports as requirement of the company/business or recipients, special reports and on time proof of delivery with e signature module, save time and effort both of the management and client both.


On time alerts helps to tackle situations and helps to take all essential measures likely; drivers performance reporting, such as behavior monitoring, speeding issues, timing, harsh braking and reckless driving, driver’s attitude, road traffic and vehicle condition. Beside its helps to keep records of vehicle maintenance and accident reconstruction data, also messaging options, and on time summary of the vehicle throughout the logistic service till your goods reach the desired destination. The system is compatible on all devices and with user friendly interface makes it easy to manage.

Truck Destino one stop solution to all your Fleet handling and tracking!

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