Fleet Tracking

In this fast pace age, everyone wants to save time, specially in business. If you are looking for efficiency and productivity in growing your business .Where your goods are to be delivered through transportation; to remove or minimize the risks of delays or being able to keep track of the vehicles, Truck Destino is the answer. It has the most innovative idea to deliver your goods to its destination through the truck management system it runs.

The most basic function in our fleet management systems, is the vehicle tracking factor, which is GPS based. Fleet management software¬†enables people to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a company’s fleet of vehicles. These specific tasks incorporate all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. Fleet management software controls higher amount of information, for both; drivers and dispatchers of the fleet.


The operation of each truck is easily done through this software. It is efficiently taken care by our carrier management system. It also enables handling the invoices online; saving the hassle of payment in any other mode. Hence, the accounts are managed and monitored on this system. Not only this, but the receipts can be received through our system; one does not need to be there physically.

The driver and the truck can be located at all times; current vehicle diagnostic information is provided on our system, which is highly reliable. We also provide driver settlement, where you can customize the split of fees to a driver. You can track which trips have been settled with the driver.

The order and confirmation can be done of the availability of trucks; the driver and the dispatcher are accessible throughout. Our system ensures the safety and delivery of your goods intact; safety management is one of the core objectives of our system.

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