Truck Destino Tracking Systems helps the Trucking companies with the relevant information on time and thus reduces the cost. It’s efficient and productivity can be well examined while your fleet is on road with loaded equipment and you are now less bothered about its safety or being lost. The Tracking system provides all the relevant and timely information of the trailer on road which helps the companies to keep tracks of their goods utilization, damage and all sorts of relevant investigation in terms of any accident or loss. The effectiveness of this system is well proven when it provides complete data and information on timely basis and also keeps you well informed about the usage of your fleet. It saves fuel cost and proper management is being done from the place of acquisition of goods to the final place of delivery.

 The truck owners are well aware to spot their vehicles and the complete activity of the drivers and the goods being dispatched. This enhances the productivity and on time, safe delivery with operational efficiency of the drivers and the entire fleet you manage at several destinations.



 Never the less the insurance premium and other unwanted hassles on roads are also being reduced and saves money and cost.

 The Tracking System by Truck Destino helps to improves quality of Trailer management system by providing real time visibility of their trailers and trucks whether on dropped in remote locations or are running on power on busy roads.

This also makes the drivers more alert and efficient during the entire trip as they are well aware of their monitoring and tracking, also eliminates unnecessary dispatches to find any truck or fleet info.

 Above all the customers are happy with the safe transitions of their goods and on time deliverables.

 This system helps to improves work flow by easy access to real time info; both on and off time duty hours. Thus ease of work with less tensions.

The idle Equipment reports generated gives customers complete satisfaction and proof of delivery that will assist your team to work efficiently and in proper maintenance on your trailer assets throughout the work period.


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