Building Sustainable ROI On Fleet Management


With the rapid advancements in the technology everywhere, trucking industry cannot remain immune any longer and eventually embracing the latest trends of technology advancements. According to a study, by 2035 the trucks will become more kid of self-driving one, not essentially eliminating the need for Truck Drivers though, but yet highly depending on automatic features powered by artificial  intelligence and other high tech components added to this industry, leveraging the benefits of speed, safety and productivity. Similar advancements were introduced in airline industry about 25 years ago with features like auto pilot etc. that pushed this industry to the next levels of security, speed, and automation for aviation staff.

Implementation of ELDs (Electronic Log Devices) is just one step towards this direction which will automate and synchronize almost all activities of the vehicle and its driver. ELD’s will deliver visible KPI’s ( key performance indicators) to activities such as the ignition on, ignition off, Integrated Log, real time GPS Tracking, and accurate monitoring of HOS (Hours of Service).

One of the most heard apprehension is about reduced driver’s income due to work hour monitoring by e-Log, but it sounds more of mere illusion. The fact of the matter is that adherence to ELD’s will allow proper rest to the drivers but yet giving enough opportunity for appropriate HOS for a decent income. The discipline in driver’s behavior and more human element will eventually reduce the stress and pressure on them and will cultivate greater productivity and efficiency in their work. Hence Installation of ELDs will build sustainable ROI of a trucking company and will lead to its business growth.