Vehicle Tracking

Large fleet handling and Vehicle tracking with on time reports and management today is not just about vehicle management and driver working and tracking Beside; driver safety and regulatory compliance, Tracking, proper fleet management, inventory control and its security and safety along with its on time delivery with delivery reports and data involves various modes of working and many issues for the fleet manager to tackle them earnestly. A proper system that can deal with all at one platform helps the owner to maintain well organize fleet with less hassle of paper work and operational issues. On time reports and timely data and inventory of each vehicles makes all the work far easy to manage and support other tasks of the firm. Proper logistics and goods safety along with the vehicle tracking on roads and driver safety are now well managed with such applications. It’s also about doing more with less effort, accessing and assessing data to get the operational intelligence in order to deploy the on time tasks and working on vehicles. It also helps to enhance the efficiency of the entire management along with on time tracking and monitoring of all the fleet drivers at different destinations. A well-equipped system with well integrated modules for daily routine tasks of Fleet management and Vehicle tracking and generating its relevant working data efficiently, decreases the manual use of resources and saves time and cost. Also multiple communications paths; likely Bluetooth, cellular, Satellite and WiFi etc. provides broad coverage, regularly evaluating the best platforms for communications to reduce irrelevant and tardy operational expense.
Truck Destino Vehicle management system not only keeps track and records but also generates regular reports and on time data essential for monitoring the fleet and vehicles in transition, driver’s safety, fuel consumption, alerts of road traffic and other emergencies on roads, above all complete information of goods from the port of collection to the port of delivery with proper details about it working and warehousing to complete data about the vehicle condition. These reports help to improve working and productivity and also assist the owner to plan better future outcomes.

Truck operators can adapt and prioritize fleet usage and maintenance on a real-time basis. Thereby now with an ease of delivery proof by online signatures.

The latest of all; Truck Destino Fleet management system technology can read all available vehicle data so as to reduce the time and problems associated with manual recording of driver logs and other on-the-road metrics. Beside essential details, it also works efficiently in order to obtain real time equipment condition and also on time services to deal with emergency situations on roads.

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